Jonathan Deltour and his solitary pleasure

Name Jonathan Deltour
Age 30 but 10 in my head
Camera Nikkon FM3A - Yashica T5D
Season "Springummer"
Place 3617 DYSTOPIA
Book books = hard drug

Why do you believe in photography?
Photography is such a solitary pleasure. I feel a lot of excitement when I take pictures when I find good subjects, when I get ideas, when I meet good people, when chance would have it, when the light is beautiful and when I discovered result. I believe in photography as it makes me feel good.

What do you think about the overflowing massive of photographs in this digital era?

The more, the merrier!

Some of your work show a lot of loneliness, it something 
unconsciousness or if something you are looking for your work?

Yet this story! I feel that you want to know more about my history of solitary pleasure! Seriously, I prefer to isolate my subjects in general to give them importance. It's such a disturbing question because I like to be surrounded by my friends and family in my own personal life and it would be impossible for me to be alone forever. I love the meetings and photography is a great way to make beautiful ones.

What do you expect of the future?

Flying DeLorean

but also being young and independent. 
Travel and enjoy life.

Photographers who have influenced your work 

With 3 friends photographers, we recently created a collective where we combine our work. We are CASCADE COLLECTIVE : And because we vow limitless passion for photography and those who practice it, we all share our favourites, inspirations and influences in our blog :

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