Christian Pitschl by John Calavera

Who is Christian Pitschl?

Christian Pitschl is a 27-year-old Italian who speaks German, lives in Vienna, Austria, loves music and photography and works as a graphic designer.

How is a perfect day for you?

That depends. If it was a really busy time, I'd probably just wanna stay home, watch TV shows, eat Sushi and do nothing. If it was a time like this were I'm slowly turning into a couch potato I'd say I'd like to get up early, have breakfast, some good hours of work, lunch with Tania and then a road trip to take pictures? I don't know, something like that maybe.

How did you find the photography?

Two of my friends work for Lomography and so I found out about those cameras, started shooting with a Holga, bought and LC-A after that and at some point they sold refurbished Yashica Electro 35 GSN on their website. It was fantastic how those pictures looked on the website, but they were so expensive that I tried to find one on ebay and that's when it started. I was just so blown away by how different pictures from different cameras looked that I basically just wanted to try all cameras :-) That was three years ago.

How can

Hmmm, it's hard for me to describe my own stuff. I'm probably trying to find magic in everyday situations. I always have my camera on me and take pictures whenever I see something beautiful. It's like a photographic diary to me. That's my private work. When I do jobs it depends on what the request is.

Which is your favorite camera?

That's really hard to say. I guess I tried 70 cameras within the last 2 years and I thought I'd find the perfect one at some point. But that just didn't happen: Different cameras, formats and lenses have different looks, different sizes and so on…

The camera I have on me at all times is the Contax T3 as it's very small, light and takes beautiful pictures. That's probably my favorite camera. I also like the Olympus Mju, Nikon F3 and Mamyia 645 and many more...

What do you think about digital photography?

I'm not sure. I love film, but I shoot most of my jobs with digital cameras as the clients usually want it that way. I'd like to get really good at post-processing which would help me love digital photography more.

I think there's not such a big difference between analog and digital photography though. The main difference is, that film goes through a lab, usually. So… people often say that film scans look great right away, you don't really have to edit the pictures. But the thing is that there were people/experts involved in the process between bringing the film in and getting scans back. People who have probably done that for years and years. And those experts are lacking when you take a digital photo and open it on your hard drive. Because nobody's doing any editing or post-processing for you (except for some algorithms in the camera). So what I'm trying to say is that a lot of work that labs do for you still needs to be done on digital pictures and if you had someone experienced to do that for you, you'd probably be pretty happy with your digital pictures as well…

Influences :

Everything that happens around me, my friend Tania who was the first one around me who studied photography and all of the good people on Flickr:

What is your favorite place on earth?

I haven't been around that much yet, but I think it's still my room at home in Bolzano, Italy. That place always takes me back to how things were before I moved out and yeah. I get the best rest there.

Places pending to visit :
Oh so many. Next on my list are the States. I've never been there and I'm planning on doing a big round trip next year. Wanna see the route? YES !!!. Suggestions are welcome.

Music to heal a broken heart?

Tom Waits, Bon Iver, Ani DiFranco, Ryan Adams, Sam Cooke, The Weakerthans, M. Ward, The Notwist, Wilco, Bright Eyes, Damien Rice, Louis Armstrong, Modest Mouse, Neil young, The Postal Service, Radiohead, The Arcade Fire…

In one word, please define what happiness means to you:


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