15 photographs and 7 answers from Pierre Wayser

Who are you ?

My mother still believes that I am an artist painter.

How come do you have photographs from the 70’s until these days ? For how long have you being shooting ?

I was lucky enough to live a few decades, and sometimes to have the opportunity to grab a camera and shoot my environment, then, after a while, I got a bunch of pictures.
I just started to do that more seriously in the early seventies…
I shot very seldom, less than 50 rolls films in all my life…
At the end of the eighties, I totally stopped photography.
Films were expensive (at least in France), and I did not like to spend my nights in a darkroom ( there are so many better ways to spend your nights… ) and since most of the time I just developped the negatives, I never really knew what was in these photographs, I lost interest in taking images.
I mainly shot videos in the nineties then I bought a digital compact in 2006, and I started again to take photographs.

How did you find the photography ?

I was a teenager in the sixties. I once "borrowed" the camera of my father, and he knew it because he saw weird pictures on his roll…He bought me an Instamatic Kodak.

Your work shows you have lived a lot of moments, in what point of your life are you right now ?

I need lenses for reading now…

Do you feel nostalgic with all of those old photographs you have taken ?

Nobody take old photographs ;) !
I do not have time for nostalgy.
Of course some of the people on these "old" photographs are dead now…
It is only sad.

Of all those cameras you have used, pick your favorite :

My right eye

What do you think about the digital photographs ?

I am not a fetichist. It reminds me all the stupid conversations between artists painters and their holy war about oil painting and acrylic painting.
I spend almost 40 years of my life with the chemical process, I hope to spend the next 40 years with the digital one.

I do not like batteries, computers and screens but I can live with…

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