Ladies and gentleman from Los Angeles California ERIKA BRAUKIS

Name : Erika Braukis

Born: 1988

Place : Los Angeles 

Cameras : drug store/ liquor store/ gas station- disposable cameras 

Music : The Vivian Girls 

Movie : Los Angeles Plays Its Self by Tom Anderson 

Inspiration : The City of Angels 

Occupation : Angel 

Why Photography?

It allows me to document my romanticized perception of reality onto the city i love, and people I'm with. 

Where is your favorite place to be on Saturday night?

Laying in bed, watching the California sunset turn my bedroom window into stained-glass romance. 

Describe your photography: 

"The blessings of heaven are visually upon me." 

If you were a photograph, how would it be?

How has LA inspired your work? 
I see myself as being romantically involved with the city of Los Angeles, and that my own personal heaven awaits me there. It also has the best light out of anywhere I've ever been. 

Do you prepare your photos or do they just come spontaneously?

I like to plan adventures and scout locations. I'm constantly driving around Los Angeles looking for the most heavenly, scenic views of the city. And when i find one, I drive back down to Hollywood- pick up my friends to go chill/ get weird there, and document what happens when we do. 

Your designs make reference to the death, are you obsessed with the death and the shape of how it will come looking for you?

I'm not so obsessed with death but with the darkness that surounds it. I've always viewed death as the big sleep or final rest, but there is a lot of terror in life that can make death look sweet. I also love the symbology used in black magic, incantations, Freemasonry and satanic cults. I mean, Los Angeles can also be a very dark place; It has a lot of nice neighborhoods to have bad habits in, and those symbols of darkness juxtaposed against the beauty of the city can make for a very romantic setting, you know? 

What kind of projects do you have planned for the future?

I want to plant my own flower garden, and fall in love.

Select an art piece you love and explain why it’s your favorite 
I love all of Jan van Kessel's Still Life's with Flowers. But this one from 1679 is my favorite. I would love to recreate it with fake flowers, and hang it as a decoration in my bedroom. 

Where do you want to go when you are dead?

On a road trip to Heaven, in a pink marble coffin. 

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