This is Lauren Colton

Name: Lauren Colton

Age: 21

Country: United States 

Occupation: 4th year student at Cornish College of the Arts, Expo at Purple Cafe and Wine Bar, and professional homebody. 

Band: One can't do it! Microphones, The Smiths, Of Montreal, Kidcrash, Radiohead, Elliott Smith, Gregor Samsa, Modest Mouse and Why? are the staples. 

Movie: Noi the Albino 


Boo, Forever

Spinning like a ghost
on the bottom of a 
I'm haunted by all
the space that I
will live without

R. Brautigan

Photography is practicing noticing important things. It just makes life easier/better in general. 

What’s your favorite camera and film? 

My good old Minolta X-370. I'll shoot with anything, but mostly whatever is on sale at Walgreens. 

Your portraits are powerful, tell us about them, do you prepare them or you just let you go with the flow and shoot? 

Well first off, geez, thank you, that is a wonderful compliment. If I'm shooting people I know closely, I don't plan at all. When your subject is comfortable it is pretty easy and photographs just happen. If it is a planned shoot, or with models, I tend to make a list of words or feelings I want to convey and try to only think those things as I'm shooting. Sometimes I'll have a specific shot in mind, though, and set it up. 

How does it feel to live in the city where the grunge was born? Does it have the same vibe of the underground rock and roll? 

Hah! well, I moved over here 3 years ago from Spokane, so I kind of missed the whole grunge thing. Right about now there's more of an aloof metal thing going on- people thinking they're punks and refusing to look you in the eye. It's kind of obnoxious, honestly. Being a genuinely nice person doesn't really seem to be in fashion. But maybe that is the vibe you're talking about? Hah. There are a lot of great shows here though, something for everybody. So that's cool. 

Do you think the art may be able to change the world? 
Eh, that's hard. Definitely not mine. The world seems so fucked lately. I guess if someone makes something that could actually be seen by an audience outside the art world, that would be helpful. The stuff JR was doing in Israel and Palestine seemed to open some minds on an individual level, and I guess that is all one can hope for. 

If you were a photograph, how it would be? 

Oh gosh I don't know. Probably stupid. Something that would make people laugh. It would definitely be at the beach, though. 

Are you interested in other expression of art besides photography?

I do some different print arts since my school has the facilities. I do a lot of photo lithography, which is just on newsprint and I paste up places sometimes. Etching is fun too, and I also like to build things. I'm going to try and have a bit of a sculptural addition to my BFA show, which happens in Spring.

What’s your favorite photograph of your work? And why? 

I think this is my favorite picture I've taken in a while. My boyfriend fell asleep while eating a baked potato, and he woke up right as I was taking it. 

Place to hang out Friday night? 

My apartment. King of the Hill is on Insant. 

Beer or Wine? Winoooooooo

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