Name: The Gentleman Amateur

A little bit more each day.


Mainly Polaroid cameras - SX70 is my favourite but also 250 and 195. Lately I've been shooting 35mm with a Praktica BC1. I like cameras that have a bit of magic - not necessarily the sharpest or most accurate, but the dreamiest.... 

Again, mainly Polaroid films - Time Zero is my all-time favourite; also fond of IDUV and 669. 35mm-wise, I'm still looking for my perfect film - Superia 1600 is the most interesting I've found so far, but I'm really interested to hear recommendations, so if anyone has any, please let me know!

I'm interested in dreams, memories, hallucinations, magic of all sorts.... 

City or Countryside:
I live in the city but I like visiting the countryside. I travel a lot with my cameras - there's always something interesting to photograph, wherever you are!

Day or Night:
Twilight is my favourite time.

Electric guitar or Acoustic guitar:
Can I have a Polaroid guitar please?

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