Alexander Alekseenko by John Calavera

Who is Alexander Alekseenko?

Your best friend, future neighbor and possibly next big thing. But for now I'm 22 years old, currently living in post-soviet country of Ukraine. I feel like this current environment have exhausted itself for me, so I look forward to change it as soon as possible.

Why are you so fascinated with film?

I love everything about it, and totally satisfied with results I get. The whole process is some kind of ritual in a way. It's a real face of photography.

In which way photography have changed you?

First of all I have figured out what brings pleasure in my life, have found a path in a way. Also I've got to know all local places where to buy the cheapest film.

What is your favorite part of a woman?

Tough one. Women body is the most unique thing I've ever seen. My favorite part would be the butt.

What will be the soundtrack of those hot sessions like “Sleepover”?

Jimi Hendrix – Wild Thing

What is the different between porn and your hot work?

There is nothing common actually so far. I don't plan to shoot something like this beforehand, it just happens spontaneously at right place in right time. But I feel less inspired lately.

A project in mind?

Nothing particular at the moment. I don't usually think of something beforehand. I'd love to shoot for a magazine, some commissioned work. And of course, I'd like to travel a lot taking pictures of everything catching my attention.

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