What do you love about photography? And what do you hate?

I hate world of fashion photography. I love casual infantile photos.
I like it when in photo is worth a great idea and meaning.

How is the process for your series Object? Do you plan it or just go spontaneously ?

I don't have a clear line. I work very differently. I'm doing spontaneous photography,
and plan series. Some times doing of pre-sketching for work.

What do you want to express with your work?

My work focuses on the study of my inner world,
human nature of feelings and desires, the search for perfection, studing myself in this world.

What is your opinion about advertising, do you think it might be sort of art?

I had experience working in advertising for 4 years. This time I spent for studying the world of advertising and concluded that art and advertising industry have different direction.

After the collaboration with fashion designer RCR Khomenko. What do you think about fashion photography? Are you gonna do it again?

I think this was an exception. Fashion photography in most of its extent is empty. If I can't find way for filled it, I don't will do this again.

What’s behind your series streets?

I always try to find beauty in ordinary, to show another side of familiar things.

What are your plans for the future?

Do more and more interesting. Being young and independent. Travel and enjoy life.

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